When it comes to spiders, you want a professional pet control company on your side!

With a wide variety of species about, spiders are becoming a bigger problem in residential and commercial buildings. Fortunately, healthy adults don’t have too much to fear from spider bites. But if your home contains children, pets or elderly family members then spiders can be considerably more dangerous! And even if a spider is medically harmless many people are understandably distressed by their presence.

We treat all types of species of spiders with the most common ones being Huntsman, Daddy long legs, White tip (white tail), Wolf spider, Redbacks and Funnel web spiders.


Pest to Kill Albury is a professional and trustworthy name in the field of professional spider control for residential and commercial properties. We can provide you with peace of mind by delivering the best spider control service for you. We can identify all kinds of spider species and provide respective control and extermination measure. What you can expect from our spider control services includes:

  • 100% Guarantee and Customer Satisfaction
  • Safe and Effective Spider Control Service
  • Our treatment Solutions are harmless to pets
  • 24×7 emergency service on same day
Spider Treatment Albury
spider pest control Albury


We exterminate many types of spiders including nomadic, ground-dwelling and orb-weaving varieties. Rid your home of Spiders for up to 12 Months! We dont just treat where you see a spider, we treat all individual problem areas around your home, this ensures the most comprehensive treatment is carried out every time.

Our spider control treatment is part of our general pest control treatment. We spray the outside of the building and hiding areas around the yard (fences, sheds and play equipment). This treatment targets web-building spiders such as the Redback and Black house spiders.

The treatment leaves residual insecticide on the surface of treated areas which the spiders crawl across, sealing their fate. After a treatment, leave any webs in place for a day or two to make sure the spider comes out of their hiding place on to the treated web. Once the spiders have been controlled, remove the webs by brush. DON’T blast the webs away with water – this will wash the treatment away, losing the benefits of long term protection.