At Pest to Kill we are specialists in the Extraterra Termite Eradication System and we have completed an in-depth training program to use the product. Quality Care Accredited EXTERRA Installers undertake on-going professional development as part of the EXTERRA Quality Care Program.

The elite EXTERRA Termite Colony Elimination System, with its unique Termite Interception Zone encircling your home is THE ONLY baiting system that creates a complete Termite Interception Zone around your home.

This complete and continuous zone is created by using our patented FOCUS Termite Attractant™ in each Station so termites are intercepted before they reach your home.


The EXTERRA Termite Interception and Baiting System has protected more than 100,000 homes and businesses in Australia alone, with significantly more across the world – with the number growing daily. The premium quality and proven performance of EXTERRA makes it the easiest and right choice for protecting your most important asset – your home. There is security knowing that many national and international diverse iconic treasures have chosen and rely on EXTERRA to ensure their ongoing protection.

Termite treatment Albury
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So before any termite treatment can begin, a full termite inspection must be carried out by our trained termite expert. The inspection is essential, as there may be other areas in the building that are also infested with termites. Treatment of your home is essential otherwise full eradication is unlikely.

Termite Treatments are complex, so it may take months to complete and we will make recommendations and devise a plan to eradicate the termites that needs to be followed perfectly. Treatments must not be tampered with and are only carried out by experienced termite technicians. We will create a termite chemical barrier that will last on average between 3 to 5 years. This time depends on environmental factors and soil types.